Welcome to our silent meditation and detox fasting retreats.
        A unique experience towards your inner self.


Have you ever been only with yourself for a long period of time? Have you ever took time to deal with whats going on inside you? To STOP, and reset your system? Since millions of years that our ancestors went alone in journeys to discover who they really are.


Spending time alone, and coming to a retreat is the best gift you can offer to yourself.

After participating many years in silent retreats, Tomas Mello Breyner, decided that this is the time to bring this ancient tecnique to society. This retreat was designed for those who want to try for the first time this kind of experience, something easy and flow for beginners.

Combining the silence with the liquid fasting, this is the best way to clean and energize yourself. During the days of the retreat you will only drink juices, specifically made to detox your body. You will feel better, lighter, with a calmer mind and in union with yourself. 


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