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Silent and Detox Retreats 2023


Attending a retreat is the best gift you can offer to yourself!

A time to stop, rest, reset and re-connect...we all need it!
All past editions were fully booked.

To know more about upcoming editions please check our instagram page or contact

via email:

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Next retreats:

Get ready for the journey of self mastery...Check our next dates and contact us if you are interested in attending!

🌀 New Years Retreat 2023 - 3 day silent - Mafra @centro4ventos - FULLY BOOKED ⚠️

🌀 5 day wellness retreat co-organized with January 16th - 21st and February 13th - 18th at Pico island Açores with @cosmicgong @igor.libanio.terapeuta

🌀 Easter 3 day silent retreat - April 7th, 8th & 9th - Tomar @quintasaojosedosmontes


Past retreats:

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